The Helix Technologies Product Suite

Our goal is to provide licensed cannabis operators with end-to-end software and security to optimize every aspect of their business. Better manage your business, remain compliant, protect your physical properties, and efficiently manage your entire cannabis supply-chain with Helix Technologies’ suite of services.

One of the largest software providers in the legal cannabis industry, BioTrack provides seed-to-sale supply chain management and compliance tools for licensed cannabis businesses as well as tracking solutions for state and local governments. BioTrack serves over 2,200 customers in 38 states and 7 countries, in addition to 10 government contracts, and has tracked over $20 billion in sales.

The Cannalytics platform is a powerful data insights tool to help organizations in the cannabis industry make intelligent business decisions. With a mix of data analysis and machine learning algorithms, the Cannalytics platform will allow businesses to not only judge their overall performance, but provide the business intelligence necessary to allow a company to grow.



We deliver on these goals by leveraging our unique combination of business, risk-management, and investment skills. Our suite of services range from proprietary tracking and compliance software to analytics.



Meet Mr. Venegas and the Helix
leadership team 

“As we welcome the emerging California market and begin to truly establish the legal cannabis industry, this trend will continue exponentially. Businesses focused on sheer volume will not be able to maintain long-term growth as mom n' pops go out of business, get bought up, and the market matures.“

Zachary L. Venegas CEO